CoCrMo Alloy For Dental

CoCrMo alloy for Dental, Cobalt-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy for dental
Also called cobalt-based wear-resistant alloy C3.





Cobalt-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy for dental

  1. Yield tensile Strength: >500Mpa
  2. Density: 8.3g/cm3
  3. Dia8mm length 15-17mm
Content: % C Cr Mn Mo Si Ni Be Cd Co
  0.35-0.45 28-32 0.5 Max 4.0-6.0 1.0Max 0.5Max 0.02Max 0.02Max 61.0

Product Features

1. High temperature resistance

    The strength keeps stable up to 800℃ and it can even momentarily used at 1200℃.

2. Wear resistance

    Due mainly to the unique inherent characteristics of the hard carbide phase dispersed in a

    CoCr alloy matrix, it has exceptional wear and galling resistance.

3. Corrosion resistance

    This exellent and lovely property allows this kind of material parts to be used in oil&gas, slurry,

    acid liquid and any other mediums.

4. Production process

    Powder metallurgy pocess. It has better strength than casting parts, better granule structure and

    avoiding the troubles caused by casting defects.

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