Stellite Valve Seat Ring

The products categories include cobalt-base welding sticks,cobalt-base alloy power, cobalt-base electric welding rods,cobalt-base precision castings, and wrought alloys.





Product Introduction:

Stellite seat ring valve for oil well pump valve with wear and corrosion resistance 

 Cobalt alloy is a range of cobaltchromium alloys designed for wear resistance. 

It is a completely non-magnetic and corrosion resistant cobalt alloy

There are a number of CoCrWalloys, with various compositions optimised for

 different uses. Some are formulated to maximize combinations of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, or ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Chemical Composition


1. Heat Resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance

2. Made as required dimensions and materials

3. Main products: valve seat, pump parts, pistons, bushings, nozzles etc.